We create short videos that explain your Service, Product or App. But who doesn’t these days?

What sets us apart is our experience with commercial animation and our knowledge of audiovisual marketing. Because of this an Explainimate isn’t merely decoration for your website but a versatile online and offline Marketing Tool.

But we do a lot more! Explainimate is a product of Captain Motion – an Animation Studio founded by Nick Lievendag & Patrick Deen. We specialize in Animated Visuals for Brands and Events and have over 15 years of experience between us in creating on-line, on-screen and on-stage visuals. We operate at the intersection of Concept, Creation & Consultancy and our mission is to guide businesses through the uncharted world of Animated Visuals to communicate their Brands and Events.

It’s easy to get lost in the endless possibilities of animation. That why we develop special products and workflows for specific kinds of animation, like explainers. Since the launch of Explainimate in March 2011, we’ve created many Explainers for both national and international clients. You can read how they liked working with us on our Testimonial Page.

Nick Lievendag


Started doing motion design work as a freelancer for TV Channels and Commercials in 2006. Over the years, his business transformed into a studio and focus changed to doing full-service motion design work for online use and events.

Nick current focus is 3D animation and he especially likes Visual Effects projects that also include real-life shoots.

To avoid getting digitized completely, Nick experiments with Film Photography and is a fan of creative business books like Making Ideas Happen, Rework & Linchpin.

Patrick Deen


Started freelancing in 2003, his work encompassed design, illustration, animation, photography and (music) video production.

Patrick’s fascination with animation and his affinity with video production could only point him in one direction: Motion Design!

As a drafter he is naturally drawn to character-design. One of his personal goals at Captain Motion is to always add something real to projects.

Hightlights from our non-explainer portfolio