About us

Our mission is to make the production of Explainer Videos approachable and effective by combining professional communication, an efficient workflow and years of audiovisual storytelling experience.

We have more than 20 years of animation production experience between us and have been making Explainer Videos specifically since 2010. Apart from our experience, we differentiate ourselves with our proven ability to write great scripts that truly leverage the power of visual storytelling.

On top of that, we’re specialized in producing series of animations. That’s why most of our clients are returning clients. Take a look at our Client Cases to see how series of animations can take content marketing to a higher level.

But who can tell our story better than our clients?

[T]his team create[s] miracles. A few paragraphs and your house style guide, and out pops an amazing, insightful, impactful, memorable Explanimation. [..] Unique combination of business sense, professionalism and creativity.

Christopher Schouten, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at NAGRA

I can highly recommend [Explainimate] not only due to creativity and professionality, but in particular because [they] really try to understand both the clients’ needs as well as the customers’ point of view.

Marc Stickdorn, Author of This is Service Design Thinking

The Team

Nick Lievendag
Head of Story & Marketing

Nick is writes the scripts and advises clients about implementing our animations into their marketing. He also makes communication an delivery are timely and flawless.

Patrick Deen
Head of Design & Animation

Patrick is responsible for the design and animation of our Explainers. He also makes sure all technical aspects of our animations are perfect and our projects are created with easy adaptability and versioning in mind.

Some of our Clients









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